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APR Solutions Ltd: Suppliers and Stockists of Nitta Belts and Tapes

The Nitta Corporation is a global manufacturer of conveyor and transmission belts; the company’s headquarters are situated in Osaka, Japan. The Nitta Corporation manufacture and supply a wide range of high-quality conveyor belts, flat belts and tapes for many different industries including the textile, packaging, material handling, food, postal, printing and paper industries. APR Solutions Ltd is an official supplier and stockist of these highly sought-after top quality belts and tapes.

As a result of many years of experience in the industry, the Nitta Corporation have developed a complete product range of flat belts to meet current and future customer requirements for these applications and are continuously supporting specialised innovation.

The belting products division of the Nitta Corporation includes manufactured belts from the polybelt and polysprint transmission line and the super endless line, all of which are suited for applications associated with the paper and printing industries.


Applications: Textile industry; paper transportation and similar applications; printing; paper converting; folder gluer; tube winder; corrugated cardboard conveyor.

SE Belts

Applications: Office automation equipment; automatic ticket checking machine; ticket vending machine; money exchange machine; card reader drive; machine tool and machining centre; paper converting machine

Polysprint Belts

Applications: Postal sorting equipment; printing and paper industries; high-speed printing; stackers; sheeters; book stitching machines; folders; sorters These anti-static belts come in a selection of finished surfaces from smooth right through to structured surfaces which means the belts can offer a varied range of friction values. They can be used in many paper applications. Two of the most popular belts we stock and supply are the grey non-marking belt that is used extensively in the Muller Martini stitching line and the green FZ-5E belt which is used in preference to the Habasit f1 belt due to its seamless join and quick joining time.

APR Solutions Ltd offers competitive pricing and discounts on Polybelts, SE Belts and Polysprint Belts from the Nitta Corporation. For a quote please get in touch.



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